Female Founders: What was your decisive moment?

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Definitely following this - I'd love to learn more from everyone!
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Following! Love this question, @WenlinT.
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I think my decisive moment was when I was forced to make a decision. I pictured myself on my deathbed: A totally broke & failed startup founder, or a comfortable, retired executive who always wondered "what if." The answer was the former and that was that. :)
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I have always been an entrepreneur. As a child, I was always figuring out new ways to make money, such as making barbie clothes from scraps and selling lemonade. As I grew older the passion to have a business grew. I remember being about 8 or 9 years old, laying on the beach, and daydreaming about having my own business. I would visualize all of the rewards I had gained out of being my own boss, such as the house I would have and the car I would drive.Adulthood was no different. I continued to evolve and expand, creating more new ventures and reinventing myself time and time again. Whether it was making bows for little girls or marketing my courses to homeschoolers, I was always on a mission to have my own financial independence through being my own boss. So for me, there was never a defining moment, I just always knew that this is what I was here to do. Now I know what my journey through life has been about and what my purpose had been all along, and that's what brings me to here and now. Now I help other women create success in their businesses and their life, using all of my experiences and education, intertwined with psychology, neuroscience, and a little bit of woo. Who would have guessed that all along I was being prepared to help others succeed! With all of that said, thank you for creating this conversation! It's a great one to have!