Laid off while pregnant

Hello everyone,

Two months ago I found out that I was pregnant, but unfortunately got laid off last month. This left me really scared and stress out because I need to make an income to save up before giving birth. I tried to apply to jobs and I had one promising Interview, but it seems like I am been ghosted now. I have skills in Data Analysis, Customer Support, and Administrative, so I was thinking of doing freelancing. I honestly have no clue what to do, but at this moment nothing has worked yet. Any advice or resources would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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Mariama,I am so sorry to hear this :( freelancing could be a good idea as it allows you to set your own hours/have some freedom while you take care of yourself and your baby (before and after birth). I don't have much experience but we have tons of freelancers here who can give you some thoughts. Other thoughts for you: if you haven't yet, do fill out your talent profile here - what type of roles and industries would you be interested in? You mentioned data analysis, customer support, admin. any preferences anywhere? For instance Grammarly is hiring for CS specialist (open to remote roles) - is this a fit? Also can you drop your LinkedIn so people can have your background and hopefully share relevant roles or referrals!You got this!PS: Are you from West Africa (Guinee or Mali)? :)PS1: Is this also you? Not trying to be presumptuous but the posts were very similar!
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Hello,As of this moment, I do not have a preference, I am just trying to find something to do. I did check out that role but it says one has to be living in Poland or Portugal. This is my LinkedIn profile: Yes, I am from Senegal.
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This is incredibly stressful, I'm sorry about your situation :( Another place to check is the Mom Project - their whole platform is geared toward moms, and they have a variety of roles.