Lessons from raising a pre-seed round we're proud ofhttps://withtopknot.medium.com/announcing-topknots-raise-1261ee173126

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This is incredible, thank you for sharing Claire!
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Thanks for sharing your story, Claire. It's encouraging to see your stats and great tactical advice for founders to build a diverse investor base. :)
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@claires Is there now an expectation that for the next round, the funds that contributed to the pre-seed round will then get priority, and receive equity? Also, what is the tolerance for failure like in the pre-seed round? Are they expecting that only 1 / 100 (as opposed to 1 / 10) are successful? Congrats on this accomplishment!
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Thanks for this question and I hope that you don't find this answer unsatisfying, but it truly depends on the fund, their typical check sizes, and the evolving relationships. But first, yes, all will receive equity for this investment and I'd say all have high risk tolerances. We're planning to execute such that all want to double down on their investment, but I'd say that's a generic goal. If things are going well, people to continue the ride.
I entered fundraising in the extremely privileged position of having worked in VC should've been the beginning and the end of the story
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Very fair. I feel a deep sense of responsibility to share my access with others. Feel free to DM me if I can be helpful with intros, thought-partnership, etc.
This is incredible Claire! Well done and congratulations. If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of traction did you have before you started fundraising or was it not necessary? Also with the rise of coaching platforms and networks for women what did the investors see differently for topknot?
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Thanks for these questions. At the time, we had limited traction β€” maybe 150 pilot users. We had just made a key hire, though, and had momentum on our side. To the second question, hard to say entirely but most pre-seed deals are about teams and we had a strong point-of-view of programmatic design and deep experience in education, and a world class engineer. I hope more companies in the space get funded; there’s so much cool, and needed, innovation out there.