Hate litter? Me too! ➡️ Check out Rubbish on Product Hunt, on a mission to clean up San Francisco

My project Rubbish just launched on Product Hunt. We are cleaning up litter while ALSO collecting information on the items picked up, to analyze and use data to drive decision making, ensure equitable division of resources, and more effective cleaning. Please stop by the site for a visit or leave a review - I'd love to see us hit the top 5 today! That'd be a win for a cleaner SF.We've been on the streets of San Franciscio (and Oakland!) cleaning up for about 2 years, and our Rubbisher community has cleaned up over 250,000 pieces of litter. For our Product Hunt launch, we are going to do a live stream litter cleanup in SF; vote on where here: you have any trashy thoughts, please share with me at [email protected]!
Hey Elena! Letting you know that I've removed your other duplicate post and cross-posted this one to Elpha Bay Area as well!
Thank you - I appreciate that!
Nice app! Just joined ProductHunt specifically to upvote your project :)I was working on a robot that picks up garbage for a while, it's nice to see more progress being made for cleaner urban areas. Keep it up! :)
That means a shit ton! Thank you 🙏 We're giving it our all. Currently raising our pre-seed to commercialize the smart litter picker-upper - would love to hear more about your robot! I've been telling our hardware lead that Kevin (that's what I call him) would be a great asset during a cleanup! Will DM you 🚀