Hate litter? Me too! ➡️ Check out Rubbish on Product Hunt, on a mission to clean up San Franciscohttps://www.producthunt.com/posts/rubbish

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Hey Elena! Letting you know that I've removed your other duplicate post and cross-posted this one to Elpha Bay Area as well!
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Thank you - I appreciate that!
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Nice app! Just joined ProductHunt specifically to upvote your project :)I was working on a robot that picks up garbage for a while, it's nice to see more progress being made for cleaner urban areas. Keep it up! :)
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That means a shit ton! Thank you 🙏 We're giving it our all. Currently raising our pre-seed to commercialize the smart litter picker-upper - would love to hear more about your robot! I've been telling our hardware lead that Kevin (that's what I call him) would be a great asset during a cleanup! Will DM you 🚀