Looking to talk to workshop facilitators and company all hands organizers

Hi Elpha's!I'm a founder of a social video application that started last year as a result of COVID. Our goal is to be able to bring large groups of people together to mingle, socialize and network in a more human and natural way. Since we started, our biggest use cases thus far are networking sessions/lounges at conferences, corporate meetings, happy hours, company holiday parties, cocktail mixers, and sponsor rooms.Since we have such a wide range of use cases, we really want to begin narrowing down and focusing on specific use cases and customers. We're quite interested in the workshop use case as well as company town halls/all hands meetings and how we can make the experience better virtually.If you're a workshop facilitator or someone who oversees setting up company all hands meetings - I would love to speak with you and ask you a couple customer discovery questions! 🎉Please feel free to email me at [email protected] if you have some time so spare and I'll schedule a call! Thank you sooo much! 😊