Scary job search? Join these LIVE workshops to solve your struggles and start landing offers!

Scary job search? Getting ghosted after interviews? ... no interviews? Roadmap can help!

Each Roadmap Workshop is unique, strategy-packed, and LIVE!

🌟 Mock Interviewing Fri, 11/4 @ 12PM PDT

  • Join Roadmap's ambitious professional community for interview strategies and LIVE practice. Shake off the jitters in a safe space and practice answering interview questions with Key Results from previous roles.

🌟 Resume & LinkedIn Profile Reviews 11/8 @ 12PM PDT

  • Learn what hiring leaders are looking for and, if you're feeling brave, get your LinkedIn profile or resume reviewed live.

🌟 Smart Salary Negotiation 11/15 @ 12PM PDT

  • Land the salary you deserve by navigating salary conversations based on data (it's higher than you think).

🌟 Building Recruiter Relationships 11/21 @12PM PDT

  • Up to 80% of jobs come through personal or professional connections.
  • Join this session to learn how to build recruiter relationships that lead to more opportunities than from cold-applying.

🌟 Overcoming Imposter Syndrome to Accelerate Your Career 11/29 @ 12PM PDT

  • It can be tough to feel valuable when a job search isn't going how you hoped. Join this session to discover proven strategies for identifying Imposter Syndrome thoughts, owning your abilities, and showing up knowing you're worthy of the next level of your career!

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🌟 Mock Interviewing 11/9 @ 12PM PDT

🌟 Mock Interviewing 11/16 @ 12PM PDT

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