How a Daily Reflection Practice Cultivates Self Awareness and Joy

A daily reflection practice is a powerful and simple way to learn to notice and cultivate self-awareness to help you live your intentional life. Learn how to start your own daily self-reflection and how including an active gratitude practice is the basis for leading a joyful life.

Great article! I’ve been incredibly sporadic with writing a daily journal until this year. I’ve written every weekday for almost 6 months now and while I’m still not sure exactly what I’m hoping to get out of it, I do find it useful for getting rid of circling thoughts or negative feelings! I rant it all out in there and then I don’t have it lurking in my brain any more 👹
Thanks, @Larissa88! I think getting those circling/negative thoughts out is reason enough! Even looking back at past entries every once in a while and seeing if there are any patterns/things that come up can be helpful. One of the ways I keep up with the practice is by tracking if I did it every day and making a streak (I literally use an app called Streaks I don't like breaking the streak so it motivates me to do it. Today will actually be 600 days in a row of my daily reflection!
😂 I also use Streaks! It’s how I get my ass to the journal every day 😁 That’s a really impressive streak!!!! I accidentally broke mine at 61 days (got sick and forgot 😑) but up to 45 again as of this evening, which is 20 weeks! Better than I’ve ever managed before!
😂 , That's so funny. Streaks is great! Hell yeah, 20 weeks is awesome. I think it's ok to give yourself a break sometimes too. You came back to it which is the important part 😁
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