Why is job searching hard? 🤦🏻‍♀️

It doesn't have to be...but it sort of is! Why?

A few reasons, here they are:

  • Job searching is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.(Marathons are hard, you start training like 6 months before!… anyways)
  • It feels so personal (but it’s not)
  • You feel a lack of control over the entire process (truth)
  • Cold-applying to jobs is a black hole of sadness (but it does not have to be!)

So what to do? Don’t tell me you expect to just take it.. remember… there is always a way to take control and create space for joy…kinda like the rainbow after the rain, though the rain is pretty cool sometimes too.

Here’s what you do:

  • Apply like there’s no tomorrow. 20+ job applications per week min, or you can’t call it a proper job search. Except if you’re crazy busy with a FT job, if that’s the case… maybe taking some PTO to spend some time applying, can do the trick.

  • Network today + tomorrow + the next day. Basically, network A LOT. Send a ton of messages, some will reply others won’t. It’s your job to send, don’t worry about who replies.

  • Focus your resume & Linkedin. Focus, focus, focus… no one needs to know what you did 10 years ago, but they do want to know what projects and skills you bring to the table today.

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It's SO hard but want to shamelessly plug our wodnerful @Josefina's new resource's full of nuggets of wisdom for anyone interested!