Bootstrapped an ecommerce business solo as a side hustle while also co-founding a software company

Hey Team Elpha,

I founded 2 companies last year (yup, I'm strange), one of which is this side hustle! After lots of delays, twists and turns as is typical of entrepreneurship, we’ve launched.I founded Pickytarian ( to provide a Stylish, Elegant, Sturdy, and Compostable alternative to plastic and flimsy paper dinnerware for those special occasions where single-use dinnerware is necessary. Our products are made from renewable resources such as bamboo and sugarcane pulp. In addition, we donate 5% of sales to organizations working to alleviate food & shelter insecurities in our various communities.

In celebration of both Black History & Women's Months, I’m giving 15% off through the end of March to the Elpha community:

Use code “ELPHA15” at checkout.Free shipping, Free returns.

Thanks for your support.

#GIVE - Happy to share my journey in founding a both a SaaS (Mink) and ecommerce company as well as help anyone who is thinking of venturing into entrepreneurship or is already on that journey.