Customer Success/Community Manager Job Openings

Hello everyone, my name is Madeline!

I am currently trying to break into the tech world with a mostly political/government background. After doing research I feel like my skills transfer over best into Customer Success/Community Mangement type of roles but I would open to hearing people's thoughts. I would love to hear from people who are in those positions currently or for some advice on how to best navigate that switch/rebranding during the application & interview process, because it so differant from my past job hunting experience. Any tips would be great!

Hi Madeline! I made a career transition into Customer Success at an EdTech company just over a year ago. Before my current role, I worked in higher education for about 8 years (primarily in academic advising and career services). To translate my experience on my resume, I focused a lot on my skillset and experience with building relationships, written and verbal communication, and problem solving. I also had a bullet point that highlighted that I had trained others how to use technology, and I took a class on Udemy to learn more about Customer Success which helped me figure out how to align my experiences to match the field and better speak to why my skillset is a match. I hope this helps a little bit! Please feel free to let me know if you have any follow-up questions!