Interview request with Freelancers and/or Agencies!

Anyone freelance or owns an agency who is willing to chat with me for 30 minutes? :)

Conducting some research and usability testing on our product for my startup Plot. Your insight will help us shape our product and change the future of work for the independent economy!

Hi @meganduong I own a software development company and would be happy to chat with you. My email is [email protected]ThanksChitra French
I’ll email you now. Thanks! :)
Hi Megan, I spent most of my 10-year career in agencies and I've been fully self-employed for 2.5 years. Happy to answer any questions you have. [email protected]
Thanks Simon - I’ll ping you now!
Hi @meganduong would love to chat to you about this - I'm a freelancer that founded a freelance driven marketing agency! Best email is [email protected]