what are your best habits and ideas at the change of the season?

As many of us are approaching spring (and others autumn), I would love to hear ideas (fishing for some inspiration here hehe) on what are your rituals, habits, ideas, small and big things you do at the change of the season?

I think it's so cool to use this transition as a reminder to also readjust some things in our life - and also use the new energy of spring to kick into a different gear :D

@WenlinT I would love to hear your thoughts, I know this is totally your topic :)

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Glad I can do more outdoor activities like running and hiking with the weather getting warmer. Also trying to hydrate more :)
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From winter → spring / summer, my habit change is definitely going for more walks & bike rides! And, this may sound weird, to "smell" the trees and flowers more as everything starts to bloom.
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weird? not at all :D I loveee touching bark on the trees and rocks/stones/cliffs :D
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My dog is getting older and as he is. taking time to smell the trees and flowers, I am too!
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I start working outside! There's lots of birds who make a home in the trees behind my house and I love listening to them while I work. Also, I'm hosting a virtual retreat to help people make an intentional transition from winter to spring. Would love to have some elphas join: https://www.brionnaned.com/workshops/the-release-retreat.
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oh that's cool :) good luck with the retreat, it is such a cool idea :)
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Indoors, I like to spring clean and get my space tidied up. I try to do tasks I normally avoid ie clean out appliances, wash the curtains etc. Outdoors, I start to plant seeds in small pots. I love watching them germinate and grow.
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literally a "clear start" :)))
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Contrast showers are a great way for my body to adapt to the changing temps and humidity levels when it comes to change of seasons. Very refreshing! Hydrating, bathing, and sweating are other ways I try to stimulate my circulation to be attuned to the temp change.