Join us to become an (even) better trainer and facilitator & create (more) impactful and amazing workshops


Are you looking to design & deliver better workshops, and more impactful learning experiences?

Or to even shift your career and become a trainer?

Our fantastic (in words of a participant :)) Train the trainer program at Trainers Toolbox is now open for applications!

TTT program is a powerful intense learning experience that over two months trains you to be a better trainer, communicator, thinker and better at connecting with others.

Packed with practice, new knowledge and experiences, and insightful discussions and exercises, it opens up your eyes for many new aspects of learning.

It makes you a better trainer, as well better communicator, thinker and better at connecting with others.

At TTT, we limited the group to 6 attendees, which enables for diversity of trainers’ styles, yet allows a lot of space for deep, customized experience, with A LOT of practice.

It starts at the beginning of May, with applications open until 5th of April.

At TTT, you will:

  • open your understanding of the how learning works on a whole new level
  • deeply understand the set of the skills needed for a great workshop and training design and delivery, and practice many of these skills
  • learn to design and deliver goal-oriented learning experience
  • discover practical tools and models that will help you create deeper learning
  • gather many tips, tricks and best practices on how to make a workshop more engaging and memorable
  • get deep insights and ideas from your own experience as well as on example of other trainers
  • practice, practice, practice your skills as a trainer
  • get personal feedback (a lot of it!) on your skills, strengths and weaknesses
  • build your self-awareness and confidence as a trainer

Train the trainer is blended learning program - it consists of 7 online modules, and live weekend on a location.

For this group, it will be the first weekend of July in Amsterdam (open for locals and travellers).

Find more information about the program at:

Questions, doubts, not sure if this is the program for you?

Let’s talk and figure out together!

P.S. if you are doing workshops and are a trainer/facilitator or interested in L&D , I would love to connect (regardless if you are planning to join us for Train the trainer :)) - trainings and workshops are my work but also my huge passion, and am always looking to connect and grow :)

so, reach out, find me here or on linkedin and let's connect?