Marketing and Communications Remote work Opportunities

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Hi Maria,I'd recommend browsing opportunities on AngelList, Remotive,, and other startup opportunity sites with remote focus.I'd also recommend narrowing your focus, unless you're looking for a Head of Growth type role in a very early stage startup (under 5 employees).Social media, marketing, communications, customer service, and sales are all vastly different things. Most startups with some structure will have those roles divided between 3 separate departments: sales, marketing, and customer success.
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Hi Farren, how are you? I have applied for several jobs at AngelList and remotive and remote. com and I havent had that much luck. This is why I thought an connection here in this group will help.
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Got it, in that case, I'd recommend having your resume professionally reviewed to make sure it's in good shape to get the attention of the companies you want.