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Who are we? LessonsUp is a female-founded startup with a diverse, small team (mostly US, one person in Madrid). We're growing quickly, working hard, and making improvements based on your feedback as fast as we can.

We look at everyone's profile to find out what makes their skills/background/experience unique so we can hype them up to companies with open roles. We provide free resources for candidates as they move along the hiring process, and now we're even working on 1:1 support as candidates approach the interview stage.

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P.S. We also create free events that help women with all aspects of job-seeking, like workshops (recent workshops include Behavioral Interview Practice, Overcoming Imposter Syndrome, and 5 Second Live Resume Critique) and Fireside Chats with Tech Leaders (like engineers from Tesla, and HM's from TikTok), so if you already have a job, some of our events are great for supporting you in developing thought leadership or climbing your career ladder.

P.P.S. We're growing! So if you signed up before, stick with us because we want you to win! We're working our a$$es off to help connect you to more & better opportunities, plus connect you to better resources to help you cross the finish line that is your well-paying dream job.

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