Nominate yourself for Women in Software Awards

Today, I want to urge you to put your hand up and nominate yourself if you are a woman in software doing great things. Don't wait, or think someone needs to put you forward, do it because you are passionate about what you do! :)Reach out if you want help or support to complete the form. Nominations are open NOW until 11:59pm on Friday March 6th. Submit your nominations here: Regards,EkuaEmail: [email protected]LI: Ekua Cant
Thanks @ekuacant. I'm very interested as I believe our ERG can be a good candidate . I note that on the website there is no deadline; however, you mention today is the deadline :( Are you 100% sure of the date/time??? Tonight is a little bit tight to be able to complete the nominationThanks a million!
@PatriciaGestoso, sorry for any confusion. The deadline is 6th March 2020.
Thanks a lot for the clarification @eku. I realise now I misread your first post....Best, Patricia