Saying NO it also means being of service or helping others | Do you have difficulties setting boundaries?

Hello everybody,Did you know that saying NO to somebody or something it also means being of service or helping others?What i notice is that being at service or helping others is misunderstood a lot. If you being at service or can help somebody and it's positive that is totaly fine.But if you're doing service at the expense of yourself, which may be draining you, harming you or they using you for there own cost. That is never okay and it has nothing to do with being at service at all. Then saying no is the best service you can give to yourself and others.How are you boundaries when it comes to service/helping others? Always saying yes to others? Or do you have some healthy boundaries? Or are there some areas in your life that needs some attention to become aware to set boundaries?Perhaps this isn't al new information for you. It might be that you mastert your boundaries. But are there areas of your life that your boundaries need some attention, some healing releasing or reminding that you still at service as you say no? Or are you in a deeper layer that you need to find out your boundarie?If you want to set your boundaries, but you find it difficult, then go within and take a look what you thought it will bring you to not setting your boundarie? And does it really brings you that what you thought it would be? Are there any old beliefs that say that you say yes to everything or everybody? What does it need to release and change that?Have a nice day,Soulcore coaching