Relationship Advice

You need relationships and your reputation needs to be intact if your goal is to make PowHer Moves.

Let’s start with relationships and my top 3 mistakes women continue to make:

1. “I don’t have time.” If you truly don’t have time, it’s a sign that you need support. Relationships can help with that when you’ve surrounded yourself with the right people. If you haven’t made time because it’s not a priority, that’s not the same as not having time; that simply means cultivating social capital isn’t something you really want to do.

2. “I don’t like to network.” When you realize we’re all in the relationship business and that your network is your net worth, you become motivated to do what’s required to invest in your Success Squad.

3. You haven’t created a strategy. If I were to say “Would you mind sharing your screen so we can walk through your existing social capital strategy?” and you can’t, you could be in trouble.

Remember, performance will only take you so far. You need both people AND performance to reach your next level. #PowHerMoves