EdTech Office hours: Market Trends, Insights + Q/Ahttps://www.linkedin.com/in/shariahuda

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Thank you for sharing this @Sharia! It's a generous opportunity. Do you have any favorite resources to stay up to date on Edtech?
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Hi Sharia-- are you actively investing in EdTech? I have a startup for you to take a look at. ~Jocelyn
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Hi @Sharia happy new year! That's really nice of you. A piece of very unsolicited feedback, you should not shy away from giving a few sentences about your experience in edtech (which you have I saw your LinkedIn!) It will help in establishing your credibility, and also let people know what your areas of expertise/interest lie in the edtech space (You put your LinkedIn which is great but not everyone will see or think about clicking)! I recommend you try it when you host those again in a different setting, you might get more traction :)