tell me you're a company built by and for heterosexual men without telling me you're a company built by and for heterosexual men

is it just me, or is something wrong with these drink names?

What on earth is this? Who the hell came up with this? I am flabbergasted. Like nobody when they thought of it told them there was smth wrong about it?!Ugh OP So sorry this is happening, it's not on you to do this but if you feel like you have the energy, I'd recommend you give your feedback (but again ONLY if you have the energy as you shouldn't have to do this)
male founders of a VC-backed dating app. and as a woman trying to fundraise, it's pretty frustrating to see that men dense enough to think this was ok are having money thrown at them while we're turned away.I wish I had the energy to give the feedback, but honestly think it would just upset me more.
Holy mother. I feel you and would stay away from this toxicity
I can't even believe what im seeing there!
Ugh, and they're "cocktials" too 🙄
Yikes, I would not feel comfortable drinking at this establishment or even being around people who thought that was even remotely acceptable.
Hard no from me. What the actual hell?