Have you ever felt not included in your workplace or seen blatant bias in tech?

I'm a community growth researcher at Snapbrillia 🚀.

I would love to hear everyone's experiences being a victim or witness of the systematic hiring system in tech or whatever workspace you're included in.

Absolutely. But not as much as some of peers. In my experience, when you join a team/environment that is 100% one culture or gender and you are coming in as someone different to what they see as “usual”, it can have lots of bias, and that bias can at times be a combination of unconscious bias and blatant bias. Of course it is not always 100% the case, but it is what I’ve experienced at least in my career. The best, most open and most functional, non-toxic teams and work environments that I’ve been in happen to be those which are highly diverse - as they seem to be more open to differences, change, new ideas…vs. staying only with what they know as normal/usual.
That's the general idea of 'culture fit' in tech. How close are you to the 'norm' - Or how well can you act white and male? How much are you willing to throw your people under the bus for a paycheck?Think about who is hired on potential and who is hired for a job they could do in their sleep.
This may seem odd, but I've seen bias in the favor of recent college graduates. I've been in companies where they ended up Director level in 3 years, while people who had been at the company and had significant experience were bypassed.