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Stigma on job hunting with or without current employment

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If you are applying to a job without one, you can absolutely get a job so do not worry about it - especially if you have the credentials, a great background, set of data that can show you have been crushing it and still are even unemployed. However yes having job definitely plays in your favor. Think about it, it shows you are more employable and "wanted" (that's plain human psychology). In a way if you are unemployed, you have less leverage, you can be perceived as the "one in need" and while you'd think it benefits the other person ie. the HR/employer, it actually is a turnoff.On a side note: you might be unemployed in the sense that you're not on someone's payroll but you can still be out there in the community, supporting others, through community activities or other not necesarily lucrative initiatives. Good luck in your search!
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Good point about the human psychology piece. It reminds me of my nephews with a million logo pieces yet they fight over the same piece. In reality, they have at least 10 of that same piece. It’s disappointing that we continue to use that same lens on human capital.
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It's disappointing but that's sadly how our brain works - and you can see these types of behaviors/mindset in many other instances. And @lita81gr said it brilliantly - I also personally saw this over and over, people who are unemployed see themselves as the vulnerable ones, and come across as desperate, and that's just a turnoff.
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You’re not alone in that anxiety! I definitely worried about this when I was applying for a job when unemployed. However, I found that most potential employers were more curious than judgemental. When I explained I was taking a break to improve my skills and I’m doing courses, etc, that usually then became the focus of that topic. Ultimately, it could be a good test to see what your future employer values and their stance on career breaks. Good luck with your job hunt and hope you find an amazing company! 😊
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Love that measure to test for a good company! Companies with truly good leadership and culture understand how to look for future employees in a welcoming manner. We are all human after all. Let’s treat each other as such. Thanks for sharing!!
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Back when I participated in interviews panels I didn’t see a problem with someone not being currently employed, but I did encounter someone who had a very sad demeanor about it and who I ended up feeling sorry for. If you’re not currently employed you should mention positive aspects of what you’ve been doing with that time, instead of making people feel sorry for you.
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I agree. I have seen people in some really bad situations however their attitudes are positive. That positive attitude draws people in. Very great point. Thank you for sharing!
Does it come up? I'm currently unemployed and honestly my interviews so far haven't asked. I just say I've been in x industry and now I'm looking for roles in y industry and it's been accepted without comment. Perhaps I've been lucky - I certainly haven't aimed to mislead, but I figure that I don't need to volunteer the information if nobody asks.
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I have seen it come up in subtle ways such as why did you leave your last role? The focus really should be on questions such as what interested in this current opportunity.