Product Mentorship Needed 4 Director/Principle Level Elpha

Nearly 11 years into my product career and I'm finally asking for mentorship! I've mentored younger women in product/impact/startup careers for years and I've seen the value that brings and as I scale new heights and tackle bigger challenges, I'm ready for more support.

Time Committment: Perhaps 1-2 phone calls a month, with the ability to email no more than once a week with updates or guts-checks. I'm based in Pacific time zone/Northern California.

Check out my linkedin and see that I've worked in early stage startups for most of my careeer and pivoted into hardware/software products and most importantly, moved my tech expertise into the impact sector and now I solidly work for impact-focused organizations in a Decolonized framework with high EQ.

I'm working more UX research and ethnography into my practice as well as taking on multiple clients at once while expanding my solo consultancy into more of a full-service product house. It's nervy and having a mentor who's been down some of these paths would make this exciting time smoother and sweeter. Happy to trade service or time or even mentorship, if that's of interest.

Thank you in advance for supporting me or even considering supporting me or another Elpha. There's a special magic that happens when women support one another.

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Hey Amanda! Check out my friend's company that offers free mentorship for product managers and designers (for your learnings in UX).