Fitness wearable users share you opinion

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I wear a Garmin Forerunner 945 and a Whoop bandRunning is my primary activity, but I also hike frequently, hop on a stationary bike, go for walks, and do some yoga and kickboxingI love both devices - the Garmin is a game changer for running, programming workouts is my favorite feature. I love whoop for the continuous heart rate monitoring and their metrics on strain/recovery, which I find to be more accurate than other devices (I previously had multiple Fitbit variants). Whoop's approach to charging is also phenomenal as the battery can charge separately and then be slipped onto the device so you can really wear it 24/7Obviously, that I feel I need two devices is a disadvantage. I think Garmin is coming closer and closer to Whoop's functionality and hope to have a single device to rule them all. Also, neither is that aesthetically awesome and BLE pairing seems super flakey sometimes, but that might be an iPhone issue.
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Ha, you are not the first one who is using Whoop+smartwatch combination, I have a few friends with Whoop+Apple watch. Thank you for the feedback πŸ™