Lost in all my interests (yet again) - Does coaching helps?

Hi everyone, yet again I'm lost on what to pursue in the midst of all my interests.

For those who are familiar with human design, I'm a Man-Gen and it totally represents me. I have a big range of interests, skills and dreams.

I've been able to figure out that for me "being successful" is to have my own profitable business that will keep growing over time. I know what that business is and it probably will only come true in the next 5-7 years.

My issue is that I'm hardly contempt with what I have at the moment: my full time job. I still want to invest time in another sort of business endeavour in order to generate some passive income. Because I have so many interests, I'm finding hard to stick to one plan to make it work.

This results in me having around 3 to 5 projects going on, not focusing 100% on one, and none is finished or successful.

I'm now considering investing in a career coach, but not sure if it will help at all because:

1. I'm gonna feel that I'm wasting money I could be investing in a project;

2. They're gonna tell me to focus on just one thing (which I don't want), and I will get bored and give up.

I'm looking for advice from people who also have a lot of passions, consider themselves, "successful" or very close to be where they want to be, and if you have ever had a coach? Also, feel free to leave your general life experience advice.

Thank you in advance!

Hey Soraia,I can relate to your post. I’ve never tried a career coach but have you thought about seeing a therapist instead? Your insurance might cover it, so it wouldn’t be an extra expense. I think therapy is super helpful even if you are not necessarily struggling in life, it can help you uncover your motivations and get clarity on what you really want to prioritize, at least it did for me.If your projects bring you joy, I don’t see why you should stop doing them or why they all should be “successful” (I put this word between quotation marks because I believe success is not only about financial rewards).I might have an unconventional view, but I believe that everything you try whether is a passion, hobby or long term career has value in itself, even if it doesn’t last forever - nothing will, anyways.Not sure if this helps but I’m sending you good energy and I feel like you’ll be able to make the right choices for yourself. 🙂
Hi Soraia, Your post spoke volumes to me. I am somewhat familiar with human design. I am a manifestor and my daughter is a manifesting generator (and I have a few ManGen friends that I love dearly, so I feel I know ManGens well!) I can COMPLETELY relate to having multiple interests at once. I believe humans are multi faceted and sticking to one idea can be really hard for a lot of us. On my hard days I don't feel successful but if I'm looking at what I've built over the last 3 years at a helicopter view, I know I have reached great milestones that statistically women in business don't achieve. I am humbled by my achievements over the years and I would not be where I am today had it not been for my spiritual mentors (coaches) in business. I come from the traditional world of psychotherapy (clinical licensed therapist) and converted to the coaching industry because I whole heartedly believe I would not be where I am today without my coaches. If I'm leaning into my intuition, my gut tells me you need to explore shadow work with a coach (not in traditional therapy) who can help you get from point A to point B. Deep self reflection with a trained professional is key but finding someone who can also get you towards your goals and be solution focused like coaches tend to be. I will shamelessly plug my services because this is exactly what I do. I run my business with a lot of masculine foundational practices alongside great feminine spiritual energy - and an opportunity to speak to you in this fashion is 100% the Universe having us cross paths. That being said, I'd be more than happy to connect and have a candid and casual conversation about what services could look like with me. If we're not a match I'd be happy to refer you to some of my colleagues. From one multifaceted being to another - I simply want your desires to feel heard seen and followed through while also helping you lean into your intuition and pick the best course of action for you at this time. I'm open to speaking more in my direct messages. Sending you much needed affirmation that you ideas are indeed valid and are not consuming your brain for no reason. You have the beautiful gift of being the visionary and generating the power behind it. You just need a little guidance from within. Hope to hear from you soon.
Hello Soraia! I understand the struggle of having numerous interests and the desire to pursue multiple projects. It's great that you have a clear vision of your business goals.Managing multiple projects can be challenging, leading to unfinished outcomes. Considering a career coach can provide valuable guidance tailored to your situation, helping you navigate through your passions and develop a structured approach.A skilled coach won't force you to focus on just one thing if it's not what you desire. Instead, they can assist in managing your projects effectively, refining your business ideas, and aligning them with your long-term goals.As a coach myself, I have successfully helped individuals with diverse passions find clarity and create actionable plans. I can support you in exploring your interests, streamlining your projects, and developing strategies for progress and fulfillment.Remember, your unique combination of skills and interests is a powerful asset. With the right guidance, you can transform your passions into passive income and create a thriving business. Feel free to reach out if you'd like to discuss how I can support you further.Warmly,Louise
Hi Soraia, I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur! A 4/6 Generator and I am an expat and I live in Mexico. The past 90 days I went on a fun business rebellion and rebelled against everything my coaches taught me in terms of how to do business and it's working out quite well for me! I am a coach, but also have also business endeavors I am currently building/pursuing. I used to coach on career but now expat lifestyle and business and yes you are correct in most coaches will tell you to focus on one thing, especially if it's career coaching! Happy to connect and chat about my experience if you'd like - feel free to check out my website! Best, Marisol
Hi Soraia, I may be wrong but it sounds like you're looking for someone to talk through your ideas and help illuminate your blind spots vs. getting advice. Is that true? You're correct that coaching will be a waste of money if you already have a set idea of what they'll tell you, and that you'll give up. I'm the coach that won't tell you what you want to hear just to make you happy -- For me, I always must look at the bullshit that I may be telling myself. For example, in your case, you're saying that your results of working on several projects are that none are finished or successful but you don't want to make significant changes in how you're working. It's like if you hired a personal trainer to help you get fit but you only wanted to eat pizza and donuts. The reason the one-thing advice is cliche is that it's true. I, myself, get shiny new opportunity syndrome and my natural tendency is to do ALL the things, but I've been most successful at doing one thing at a time which has also NOT meant doing one thing for all of my life. For example, I started a staffing agency, built it in 6 years, and sold it to a public company, I was partially retired for a decade, and that gave me the opportunity to have my hand in a few businesses that I also sold, then I worked at startups, then I taught French, and now I consult and coach founders. TLDR: Don't hire a coach who will tell you what you want to hear. Don't hire a coach if you're not completely open to doing things differently and being challenged. Expect that coaching will sometimes be uncomfortable because humans are designed to believe our own stories and defend them - a productive coaching experience will upend your current thinking and will shed light on your opportunities. To make coaching work for you, you must show up open and willing to shed beliefs that aren't serving you.
Hi, Soraia,To pop a bit of humor first, I once had a male client in his mid-40s, successful entrepreneur, who started the very first executive coaching session with me with the objective to clarify what he needs to do because he keeps shifting energy allocation between his personal life (turned out he was talking about his girlfriend) and his business (who was ready to scale up globally). He ended up giving up on his girlfriend to focus on the business. The business is not doing great to this day and he remains single, 5 years into the story.Point of the story: feeling pulled in different directions is something we all experiment. Coaching will help because the three topics that surface have to do with your preference to starting things (a personality preference that can be "beaten" by behavioural strategies if you decide to also finish things :), I know this from personal experience), the diversity of interests (I bet there is a motivational common ground there) and the desire to increase your financial wellbeing. Give me a sign if you want to talk more or to coach this out of your reality!
I definitely hear you on these fronts! I agree with much of the wisdom shared by the rest of the group here, and want to offer a counter-intuitive question instead.How does your current way of being *nourish* you? It seems like you already know yourself and don't want to be forced into a single-focus trajectory that feels unfitting. For example, are there business endeavors that reward short-term bursts of work? (E.g. making a simple one-time offering on Gumroad, etc.?) This alternative business approach is called "small bets" and is based on the statistical probability work by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, though practically taught by Daniel Vassallo. (I have some notes here if they are helpful , it's more geared towards those of us with many interests / short attention spans.)
HI! I am a Projector in HD and a 7 on the Enneagram. I have 1,000 interests and focusing on one thing at a time is not for me. I am a coach, and I'd never ask my clients to focus on one thing either, we're human, we're meant to be multi-passionate and expand, experiment and have fun. I'd be happy to have a free 30 min 1 off session if you'd like to just help you figure out the brand of you and how you'd weave all your interests together. Feel free to Dm me/ email at [email protected] <3
Been there myself Soraia. I understand the joy (and downside) of working on multiple projects at the same time. There are many types of career coaches out there so please take this as my POV only because of the focus area and clients I usually work with. It sounds like you're more in need of a mentor vs. a coach at this point. My advice is to save your money until you identify a specific goal you want to achieve through coaching. When you have a specific goal identified then invest in a career coach who will then help you get there.
Hi Soraia,I’m also a mani-gen. I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 20 years and I know what’s it’s like to want to pursue multiple passions. I started working with a coach myself 11 years ago. It was one of the best things I ever did. And eventually, I decided to become a coach myself. My focus is life balance. Yet, my approach may be different than what you’d assume. I personally believe you can have it all and don’t need to limit to just one thing. It’s a matter of finding creative solutions to how you can pursue multiple things at once. And truly, at the end of the day, it’s how we are feeling — it’s the inner satisfaction we are seeking and need to continue to cultivate. If you’d like to jump on a call to see if I may be a fit for you, let me know. Warmly,Charis