Have you paid for a startup consultant, expert, lawyer, advisor...that you have regretted?

Did you hire them from Clarity or Fiverr? A random acquaintance of a friend?I've paid for consultants in the past that have miserably under-delivered. What did you do? As a startup, I already feel cash strapped for money as it is but I need experts obviously. Where do you go to find good recommendations?I’m tired of feeling frustrated about this problem, curious if anyone else has had frustrating experiences paying through the nose hiring consultants, lawyers, accountants. I’d love to connect and chat with other founders who have had similar experiences. I promise I won't sell you anything, but I am interested in solving this problem so would love feedback from other founders who have experienced similar needs.
Check this company:
Oh interesting! I can't exactly understand what they do - they help you improve your relationships with your consultants? Do you know more?