3 quick tips for better sleep - the first step to more wellbeinghttps://happiness-academy.eu/how-to-have-an-amazing-sleep/

Do you know what is an amazing thing that you can do for more positive emotions, better relationships, more resilience, more willpower, better cognitive abilities, better health and immunity?

Almost a "magic pill" that brings almost all of our abilities to the next level?

It is SLEEP!

Yet, sleep is also one thing that appears we don't have much control over, isn't it?

Still, we can do A LOT to make it better!

The first step is to recognize it's importance and appreciate it more.

Here are few more tips for GREAT SLEEP:

1. Basic first step: adjust light and noise 💡

Maximise how dark your room is, minimise the noise and establish a good temperature (usually 16-19 C is recommended, but can also be cooler, if you have a nice cozy cover - better cooler than too hot!)

2. Move! and get sunshine (even gloomy) on your face 🤸

Exercising during the day (ideally not in the last 3h before going to bed) is great for good sleep.

But what's even more impactful is to step outside and expose our face to daylight right in the morning!

Brisk walk is ideal, but even putting the face out of the window for couple of minutes work :D

Exposure to daylight kicks off our circadian rhythm, which then means that body will get wind down in the evening - and daylight even on the gloomiest day has waaaay more light than an average lighbulb!

3. When you can't sleep - don't stress about it 🧘

While sleep is super important, one thing that is more harmful than sleep deprivation is stressing about sleep deprivation!

So, if you truly have obstacles that prevent you from good sleep (new parents, looking at you :)), try to do your best to still build up some sleep opportunities, but also work with relaxing more and grabbing mini-chances for naps and unwinding.

Need more ideas and tips? Here is the full list 👇


Which one would you add to the list? And which one will you be trying out already today?

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I love this! To help with my sleep, I have been taking magnesium before bed.