If you were invited to deliver TEDx talk, what would it be about?

A couple of months ago I got an invitation to speak at TEDx Zagreb.

With the super exciting invitation, came the big question:

What would you like to talk about?

What is your idea worth sharing?

What do you think it's truly important for others and the world to hear?

I found this question exquisite question in terms of the way that at the same time challenges you, and at the same time pushes you to more clarity about your own life.

It gave me some valuable insights into my life and my values.

That's why today I decided to invite you to take it as a question for reflection - what would YOU choose to talk about, if invited to talk at TEDx?

What would be your main message/idea?

And how about stories, arguments, ideas you would underline it with?

I would LOVE to hear <3

P.S. And if you delivered the TEDx talk, do share it in this thread and tell us what was your answer :)

P.P.S. and if you are curious about mine - you can find it here - I hope it will resonate with you, and even more, that it will give you a bit of new insights and perspective :)

LOVE this question! I'm a self-proclaimed subject matter expert in ice cream so my Ted Talk would most definitely be — which ice cream brand makes the purest ice cream with highest quality ingredients (my answer: Van Leeuwen). 😆
ooooh, I do gotta try that one, I am not familiar with it :D
Ohhhh, I’d say Jenni’s is the another top contender here 😉
I remember eating Van Leeuwen out of their first truck, so good!
Do you make your own? I am also a self proclaimed subject matter not quite expert on icecream. I'd talk about flavours and how to incorporate childhood memories into flavours.
I LOVED your video. Fulfillment means so much to me and is definitely a core value of mine. One of my big goals is to be able to deliver a TED talk so this is so inspiring! If it was me, I would love to speak about personal branding. I am a ballerina turned product designer, and personal branding was one of the main strength I utilized in my transition :)
Thank you, so happy you liked the talk :)Wow, balerina, that is one admirable discipline to have 😍Would love to hear more about how personal branding was a key in that transition, do share more about that story?
Great question @Mirna! In the recent years I have become obsessed with Seasonality (idea of planning the year according to the seasons) and cyclical wisdom (scheduling work, social obligations, rest etc according to the 5 Elements/Moving forces framework that maps on to the menstrual cycle, circadian rhythms and the women's life cycle) because I realized when I was flowing with internal and external rhythms I could save energy and maximize results.The big idea is: Female changemakers can maximize impact & minimize effort by flowing with the seasons (internal and external) A little of that is mention in this post: a side note - I've seen you're based in Zagreb! 'moguli dobiti kuhana jaja' - that's what I recall aside from 'Dobro dan', 'Hvala', 'Katastrofa' and 'odlično' from my time working for a Private Island resort in Croatia! A special request I'd make to the kitchen daily on behalf of a fellow colleague...
Hey @wenlinT that idea of seasonality resonates soooo much with me, i think its key of being aligned and in harmony with nature but it also makes life so beuatiful, a constant gentle change and flow of life 😍 i remember the topic from one of your other posts and hope to be discovering and reading more ideas and inspiration on this topic from you in the future too 🤸‍♂️Ahahaha so cool about kuhana jaja 😂😂😂 which island/resort was it?I am from Zagreb but as I am pretty keen on sailing and diving, there are not many corners of Croatian magnificent coast that I havent checked out yet :)
It was Obonjan private island resort, it's a wonderful glamping resort (they had the fortune to host Jared Leto). On the topic of seasonality & cyclical wisdom, I'm conducting a piece of research on how that might be helpful for female changemakers, would you be willing to help? I've sent you a dm with the details!
totally, looking forward, and would also love to hear more about your insights from the research once its finished :)
I love this question and great video! I'd love to talk about thriving as an adult woman after losing my mom as a child. I'd love to help encourage young women, teens, and children who lose a parent or an influential person in their life that they can survive it and come out on the other side.
wow what a beautiful topic! <3 and so impactful <3
Money mindset and how to overcome financial fears! My goal is to do a TedX Talk by 2024!!
what would you say? what would be the core idea, and what messages/arguments would you add? :) if that's not too much of a spoiler question hihi :) p.s. Looking forward to watch your tedx talk :) :)
I cannot contain my excitement for this question! I would talk about local food systems and how we can all benefit from getting to know our farmers better. Ideally, I would get to host a mini series tying it into the greater benefits of public health, strengthening the ties of a community and the difference between adapting vs assimilating with immigrant cultural foods & traditions.
oh that sounds like such an impactful topic! I think I need a bit of "boost" in that direction too, cause I get all excited about it when reading your post, yet with "busy life", I am not great with putting it in practice more :/
@Mirna, your talk on "Intentionality" was great and somewhat related to what I would talk about. My talk would be centered around getting rid of guilt. I'm a wife and mother and I have never felt guilt around doing the things that are important for my sanity and happiness. I've worked and gone to school full-time at the same time and did not feel guilty about it. I take breaks to learn new things and participate in different organizations and don't feel guilty about it. It is possible to be a great wife, girl friend, mom and friend while working to fulfill your dreams and needs. I've encountered too many women who have put off doing things, or are always second guessing themselves based on guilt. This guilt is often based on an assumption that others would feel neglected if they decided to go through with enrolling in school, taking a girl's trip, etc., without actually knowing that this would be the case. Most times, family and friends would love for you to pursue the things that are going to make you happy. I want every woman to be able to confidently move forward toward their dreams without feeling the unnecessary burden of guilt.
omg, "getting rid of guilt", you soooo got my vote for one talk that I definitely want to hear!!! :) For me it's a thing that sneaks so easily into some of my relationships (and the main topic in my therapy :D) that I would totally consider it the game-changer topic. Brilliant that you recognised it and have ideas on how to deal with it!
What a fun question! I'd speak about the changes to the American family structure and how that impacts the workplace. It's really interesting (more women in higher education, more dual income households, influence of LGBTQIA+ families, more babies born to women in their 30s than 20s, etc). Before, companies were just a place you got a paycheck and went home. That's all changed and it's important employers adjust their policies to meet the needs of its employees. Many years ago, I went to a TedXCambridge- it was SO fun!
wow what an interesting point of view :) is that a topic that you work with or are active with already, or is it more of an aspiration of conversations you would like to have more of?
It's both personal passion turned into profession. After having my first daughter, sustaining the fast-pace life we were leading wasn't sustainable. I wrote the maternity policy for my company but realized the lack of support for parents in the US, so I became a parent activist! I'm the co-founder of Superkin, we're making the workplace better for parents and caregivers. If interested, you can follow us on instagram (@ we.are.superkin) or sign up for our newsletters at
I will talk about cake business as a professional baker
sounds fun :) what would you say about it? what would be the main insights, messages and ideas? :)
btw I loooooveeee "I will" part :))) no doubts there - it's a plan! :)
I would talk about not accepting your fate, but creating it. I came from a poor background with an alcoholic mother. My father died when I was 12 and I decided that I would be different than the rest of my family who were all uneducated, had issues with alcohol and held whatever job they could get. I am the CEO of a successful software company in Ottawa :-)
oh wow, well done on building your path :) and what a great, solid, proactive message! something like "hey, no excuses, people! move your a** and shape your life" :)
Hands down it would be salary transparency! I'd love to shed light on all the data around what happens for women specifically when salary data comes out of the shadows.
Cooool :) what would you say happens? would you share some stories or examples, or how would you build it up? do share some ideas with us, so we can feeeeel what would it be about :)
When it comes to compensation rationale, most employers have purposely kept their employees in the dark.🤔Can anyone guess why that might be?If you said because it allows them to keep all the negotiating power and make you think you should be grateful for whatever salary they throw out there you would be 100% correct.They’d also have a VERY hard time keeping you chained to your cube (or zoom) if you started to think you had other viable options, like getting paid market rate somewhere else or working for yourself and setting your own rates.There is some very compelling data to support how much salary transparency impacts upward mobility for women that I'd love to share! And yes - I'd definitely love to start sharing more anecdotal stories on the topic, I think this impacts more of us than you might initially think.
Oooh i love this - so empowering and also a bit rebellious 😍
You have no idea what a compliment that is!
I love this question Mirna!I think I'd do a talk on being a generalist...though I still struggle with it from time to time, I have learned to view it as a strength and not a weakness - how do you navigate your career when you love everything and just want to learn and do it all?
Mine would be around hacking ADHD and hyperfocus. I'm autistic, with Inattentive ADHD, and somehow have managed to convince my brain that Productivity and Organisation are one of my permanent hyperfixations, which has led to me being able to be a lot more productive. I've got some experience in helping other ND people to apply some of my tricks, and I think it's the area I would best be able to speak on.
wow, that is brilliant, well done, learning to "hack your brain" :)
great talk @Mirna thank you for sharing. it resonates very much with me. I'd like to speak about how adoption and meditation have transformed me.
wow, interesting topic :) what would be your main insights that you would share?
(I'm an adoptive parent). Both have enabled me to see the world so differently and to become a more kind human being. They removed the 'cataracts' from my eyes and in doing so I am a much different (better) person as I understand so much more about suffering and why we do what we do, this has also spilled over into my professional life. Great question BTW, very inspiring to think about this.
beautiful, amazing how often the most meaningful experiences are the ones that are at the same time beautiful and that quite challenge us :) thanks for sharing