How to find a Job Coach for my first job hunt in tech?

Hi 👋I moved to the Bay Area a year ago, and I'm ready to start my job search. I feel overwhelmed about where to start and how to make this journey right to my first tech job in the US. I have a very generalist background experience in Project Management and Operations in digital design and marketing agencies.I think I might need a job coach or a recruiter advisor to enlighten me on the right rol based on my experience and knowledge of the industry.Have you been working with one you could recommend? Thanks

Out of curiosity, where are you in your job search journey? In other words, which of the 3 statements below feel most accurate to your current situation? The stuff in parentheses are purely examples.1. You have one or several destinations in mind and want help on how to get there (e.g., you know you want to land a software engineering role at a specific type of company, but the journey may be complicated)2. You have a rough direction you want to go in but don't know where you want to end up (e.g., you know you want to move toward something with more computer skills, but there are a lot of different places to end up and you want to narrow them down)3. You want a change, but beyond that, you're still exploring. You could go in a lot of different directions. Because the possibilities are overwhelming, it'd help to sit down and think through what you want before making any decisions.I unfortunately don't know any coaches to recommend, but hopefully answering the above will help someone else make a more targeted recommendation!
Candice, thanks for making me pause and rethink my current situation.I feel more in option 1 since I want to have my first job as a project manager in a tech company in the US with a positive culture, but I'm unsure how to get there, which are the right doors to knock on based on my experience. Job searching is an unknown process; I think this is the phase where I struggle.Understanding this makes me feel a bit more confident. Thanks so much
I just started reading the book 'never search alone' by Phyl Terry, would recommend!
Thanks! I've checked about that book, and It seems a good place to start. Thanks for your recommendation; I just bought it!
Hi @agostinaalbamonte I am a senior recruiter and can help with your exact ask. Feel free to email me and we can take it from there. [email protected]
Thank you. I will be contacting you by email.
We've gotten to know @stephaniecn because she works with us here at Elpha hosting community events and doing some coaching with members. And I sent a friend to her to work together 1-1 and then my friend landed a great job.
Appreciate the shoutout @cadran! @agostinaalbamonte happy to connect if it’s helpful. I focus mostly on job search strategies once you have an idea about the kind of role you want. Feel free to DM me!
Hi @agostinaalbamonte, I'm a Coach and would be happy to talk about how I could help you in your search. Just reach out to me at [email protected] and we can grab some time to chat!
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