What are your wins this week?

Looking back on the week, what are your wins?

This week I posted something vulnerable on LinkedIn. My startup had a setback and didn't receive VC funding. (hear me out - this becomes a win!) I felt compelled to share it, because, well, life isn't always about the celebrations or high points. It's all of it.

I also shared that I'm going all in on coaching! I started coaching women in tech 2 years ago in tandem with my engineering management job, fell in love with it, and it took me until NOW to back myself and pursue it fulltime. Sharing this on LinkedIn (link here) was a win!

Would love to hear yours.

hi @sarahing , my week has been pretty amazing. My investment paid off so well this week (as it always does, lol). I' m sorry for the setback on your startup. Feel free to slide in my dm...i just might be of help in regards to funding your startup
YAY michelle! What assets do you invest in?
hi Iyanna!!... I invest in crypto (trading) and stocks, one of the best financial decisions I've ever made
Amazing congrats :)
thanks for sharing, Michelle and here's to another great week!I love hearing about women + investments <3
Love that comeback, Sarah!My win was our exclusive Elpha event this past thursday as part of tech week in collab with Expert Session was a labour of love and I'd have never been able to have this opportunity without the elpha team and the amazing @chelseaalterman who was an A+ co-organiser and a joy to work with! Another win is I gained a friend in the process (Chels we're friends right? hahaha) We had room for 150 people but we ended up with a waitlist of over 1,000 people because clearly it was something people wanted! My heart is so fcking full!!!
Yes @iynna! I love this win for you. The event sounds amazing! Please come to London soon and we can co-organise over in London.
@sarahing You know I'm 100% down! Let's plan for it. I am hoping to be on your side of the world in Q1 and will totally do a little roadshow (pick some cities and travel there) London is for sure on the map!
Yess! See you soon
Such a great event! My heart is so full as well! And yes hahaha friendship locked in :)