Being punched in the face: a value add

Posting something I've been musing on recently! I'm getting back in the swing of writing more and wanted to share and get other people's thoughts.


I was once punched in the face. In Australia. In front of Dr. Dre’s niece.

I was riding the train home from a concert with my friend Mao (the niece of Dr. Dre) when 2 guys grabbed my bag and sprinted off.

Without thinking, I chased them. They got into a car and without hesitation, I dove in the back window, with half of my body in the car and the other half dangling outside.

One of the thieves, probably thinking “what the hell? she looked like an easy target!” punches me right below my left eye.

I topple out. Part because of the blow, part because Mao, thinking I was being kidnapped, was grabbing my legs, trying to save my life.

I didn’t end up getting my bag back. But I love this story. It’s the story I tell when I need to give a fun fact or even, when I introduced myself to my stunned coworkers at my new job.

What does this have to do with you?

How do you introduce yourself to others? Do you have a story you share? What do you say as an introduction to who you are and why?

To me, my story is a tale of resilience. Of courage (+ stupidity). And my willingness to share it shows I’m not afraid of being out there and looking foolish.

Perhaps within your own story lie some clues. Some bread crumbs of the things you value about yourself. Your superpowers, if you will.

I’d love to know what your story is. Comment below!