** NEW POST *** Four ways we ignore children when discussing digital inclusion

I'm the DEI lead for We and I, a UK non-profit with a focus on bringing awareness to the benefits and challenges of artificial intelligence.

Lately, I've been reflecting a lot on how different we treat children when we talk about digital inclusion.

We talk about the importance of embedding diversity, inclusion, and ethics in technology as a prerequisite for a digital future that works for everybody.

The conversation is framed in the context of identities – gender, ethnicity, sexual preferences, culture. However, we have forgotten children. I’m talking about children’s data privacy and their vulnerability to tech tools, especially those powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

In this 5-min article, I share four areas where we’re letting children down and how the power of framing data as money may help us to proactively include them.

If you think this doesn't relate to you because you don't have children or your children are now grown-ups... Think again.

Caring about children’s digital protection is by no means an act of charity but rather self-preservation. They are experiencing now what it’ll likely be the digital future for most of us.

How are you looking after your digital future?