Contractor still searching. Or should I be?

I recently started a contract position And while it's going pretty well, I've still continued to interview for full-time permanent position.

I really like the job, and though there's definitely a lot of work to keep me busy, I keep being reminded that my contract will end in a few months (i.e. we won't keep you on). It could just be me.

I haven't received an offer yet, but a part of me feels like if I did I would be letting folks down. I'm not sure what to do.

Should I ride it out or take charge?

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Hey! Yayy to hear that you are enjoying your contract and great that you are still laser focused on your FT job search! As for letting folks down, well you said yourself that you haven't received an offer yet and you will be ending this contract in a few months (unless they have some budget cuts in which case they may well get rid of you before the end of the contract - if I am looking at the extreme scenario) so I'd say keep looking, it takes time to secure a role so don't think about what would happen if you were to get an offer yet. If that happens, that would be a great thing, and I think you can be very transparent about it with your future employer ie. that you are wrapping your engagement with your current employer/client. Essentially, I am saying to not worry about this yet and instead focus the bulk of your energy on o crushing your interviews and getting a fulltime role (since this contract will not convert into one)
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I agree with the advice to keep looking! It's a great market right now for job seekers and there's a reason you're still looking... :) You never know if this contract could convert to a full-time, direct hire role but if that's your goal I'd continue to do the best job you can and continue making a good impression while you're out there exploring this great market. Good luck!
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Hi Vanessa, Sounds like you are enjoying your work and contributing to the organization. I suggest to refocus your attention on what you want and need for your long-term career success and it sounds like a FT role is what you're looking for. When you say you don't want to "let folks down", you are connecting your personal value to contribute and help out with working at a business that is exchanging your time for their money. Perhaps there is a larger pattern when you don't want to let people down, so you don't do what's best for you? In any case, keep searching for a FT role that fits your lifestyle and financial goals. My suggestion is to take charge of the situation because only you can protect your own interests.(If you do land an offer that you want to accept while still at the Contract role, you can always let your current company know that you are moving on to a FT role unless they can also offer you a FT role.)
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Thank you everyone. Yes. I’m going to continue working towards my future. I appreciate you.