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Hey Ogundu! Welcome!! How is the move to the UK? (I've never been! - and curious, where did you move from!)Since you're job searching, I've tagged your posts in "Job Hunting" and "Elphas UK". Also, you may want to check out Elpha's talent pool at https://elpha.com/talent-pool where companies can reach out to you based on your experience and what you see as important values!You can also learn more about how we thought about our talent pool here: https://elpha.com/posts/kw2jvmti/introducing-the-elpha-talent-pool :)
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Welcome! I am jealous, I miss England! Where are you based? Wanted to connect you to a fellow Elpha member who is in London and in the business of supporting women like yourself achieve their goals! Please meet @rachelclifton