Moving to SD - Help

Hi ladies! I'm very excited to be moving my family from the Bay Area to SD in the next few weeks/months. I'm trying to navigate finding a home, childcare, pediatrician, etc. for our 9-month-old baby Lily (you know the drill!) and so looking for tips from you...Are there any great moms groups I should be aware of down there?
Congrats @bejules! There are few active mom groups, especially military moms, and most of them can be found either from meetup or FB group. It really depends on where you live - the downtown area seems to be more active than the more private, exclusive area like Rancho Santa Fe where most people usually keep to themselves.
Thank you, @fannysurjana!
Congrats! You’ll love San Diego ☀️ I’m a new mom (8 month old) and I’m trying to integrate myself into the SD mom world too, although I’ve lived here for 5 years already. FB is good place to search for mom groups! I would start here: @Sandiegonewmoms Good luck!