April 17: Founders Hour - Increase User Acquisition, User Retention, and more (Free event)

She's Independent Investments is excited to announce the launch of our Founder Hour series! Join us to hear from and connect with our incredible C-suite leaders from different industries and backgrounds.They will discuss topics spanning startup operations to financing (with a different focus each month) and each event will leave time for live Q&A.

We're thrilled to offer resources, events, community, and more to founders in our ecosystem! If you're interested in hearing more updates around events and resources please subscribe here.

Join us April 17th at 2pm ET to hear from Lisa Schneider, award-winning Chief Product Officer, and Sophie Vu, who has over 20 years of scaling B2B and B2C businesses. They'll discuss ways to increase user retention, user acquisition, and more.

See you there!

She's Independent Investments is a women-first investment group of 90+ individuals, predominantly women, and including some investment observers who may not yet be accredited or are focused on learning. We plan to deploy around $1.5M in capital collectively over the next 12 months. Our Portfolio

We've written individual checks and also come together to form syndications where the collective deal interest is there.

Our members come from a range of diverse backgrounds and are eager to learn, change power dynamics, and participate in dealmaking.

We typically focus on seed and pre-seed rounds but are open to later stage where deals align with our interests. We've looked across industries but generally care about impact. The businesses do not need to be women-owned, but we are passionate about gender equity and offer companies in our network access to skilled advisors and certified board members alongside financing.

In addition to financing, we do offer recommendations and placements for advisors and board roles within our network.