So you've received an offer from an employer for 30,000 shares with a one year cliff and 4-year vesting.

How do you value it? What is negotiable?

You can't negotiate if you don't understand the value and mechanics of equity comp.

In this free webinar on Thursday, April 27th at 1pm ET, we'll cover all of it plus offer you some exercises to deepen your understanding of the material.

Who are we? Investors with Wall Street, angel and private equity investing, and growth technology startup experience.

What do we care about? Power dynamics. The equity ownership gap is real. Women own just 43 cents compared to every dollar owned by a man.


She's Independent Investments is a women-first investment group of 90+ individuals, predominantly women, and including some investment observers who may not yet be accredited or are focused on learning. We plan to deploy around $1.5M in capital collectively over the next 12 months. Our Portfolio

We've written individual checks and also come together to form syndications where the collective deal interest is there.

Our members come from a range of diverse backgrounds and are eager to learn, change power dynamics, and participate in dealmaking.

We typically focus on seed and pre-seed rounds but are open to later stage where deals align with our interests. We've looked across industries but generally care about impact. The businesses do not need to be women-owned, but we are passionate about gender equity and offer companies in our network access to skilled advisors and certified board members alongside financing.

In addition to financing, we do offer recommendations and placements for advisors and board roles within our network.