SheTransacts is Pitching : Transatlantic Startup Pitch By DEPO VENTURES + BAY ANGELS Nov. 19th

I'm so grateful to be a founder with everyone here! I started out struggling for clients to understand how to apply our micro learning platform to their specific industry or need. With the ed-tech revolution occurring right now... I joined Dan Martell SaaS group to re-assess and figure it out. I took our COVID-19 Facebook Grant we got to pause and fix it.It was the best thing I could have done at the perfect moment in time! This was the mirror I needed to see that the answer was sitting there facing me the entire time... "I" was my audience. "Duh" and "ah-ha" moment. After the incredible cohort 1 at and listening to everyone in this group providing action oriented and candid feedback here, we have created an alternative roadmap to foster a more diverse + prosperous startup ecosystem for all. Female, non-binary and minority founders (like you and me) who are growing and raising their startups together need a better startup roadmap to succeed, connect to investors, experts and fellow founders with aligned missions and goals. This is a game changer for all of us and now we're launching + pitching I'm inviting you to watch our LIVE pitch and support us on our exciting new path: and I just thought you should know, you're input not only helps you but its helping all of us succeed together!Gratitude to elpha community for being a pioneer to create a safe space for female and non-binary founders to connect and grow together! You're huge part of our story and journey. Let's keep paying forward! #StrongerTogether #womenchangingtheworldGratitude,Alexis Snelling