After guesting on dozens of podcasts and creating three seasons of my own, I came across a statistic that only 29% of podcasts are female. 😱

While most gender gaps are systemic, this gap is one we can get started on changing today 🏃‍♀️.

But I understand that all of the time researching software, equipment, platforms etc makes podcasting a daunting task even to the most willing.

This is why I poured all of my experience into a 2 ½ hour video tutorial that will teach you EVERY. SINGLE. CLICK. to starting a podcast.

Here’s the best part - you only need your computer 💻 and thanks to the latest AI software, you can produce a studio quality podcast (with video!) in less than 90 minutes.

The tutorial is called Podcast Pilot and it’s 89€. Exclusively for Elpha, you are guaranteed a free 20 minute session with me to ask whatever you want/need, whenever you want/need. (I'm offering it on my site as a limited benefit)

This is also a great gift 🎁 💝 for a woman you know has been wanting to start but needs a little loving nudge in the right direction.

Please take a look at to learn more!

P.S. If you still want to start a podcast but REALLY don’t want the production, I am also able to take on a handful of prestige clients, where you give me the guests contact, host the interviews, and I’ll take care of the rest…including delivering you 300 pieces of content you can use over 9 social media platforms.

Amazing!! Thank you for sharing! Only 29% of podcasts are female, that's wild and doesn't make sense to me! To your point, it is something we can change TODAY. What is your podcast on?
I have 2, one that spoke about managing stress and wellness, and my current one talking about what's happening in culture & business