Life Design online workshop - create a life you love with a clear, motivating life vision & plan

Hey Elphas,

lately there has been a lot of talk about how to navigate your career;

how to combine side hustle and "regular" job;

how to decide in which direction to go: freelance or corporate etc.

So I wanted to share with you a workshop that I deliver that helps you answers those questions for yourself! It gives you clarity and motivation for your "big goals", as well as insights regarding what you best next steps are.

It is a 3h online workshop on "Life Design: Create a Life You Love".

At this online workshop, you get the chance to design your life vision and life plan, from dreamy and aspirational to a tangible next steps that will take you directly into making that vision a reality.

The workshop is designed as a process of many insightsful (coaching-like) questions, structured in a way that help you connect between "big crazy dreams" and realistic next steps that take you into the right direction.

Workshop is engaging, practical, and enjoyable, delivered in a small group of 8, in a cozy, relaxed atmosphere, focused on deep insights.

By providing a clear, simple yet deep process and structured guidance, it saves you from getting stuck in overthinking or fears of setting big goals.

By end of 3 hours, everyone lives with clear, motivating life plan, captured in 1 page.

The workshop is available in live online format (zoom call) or in on-demand version (pre-recorded videos), yet if you can, I would recommend joining live, as that also provides a bit of accountability adn the right energy and focus for the "deep questions".

The next date when it's available is 10th of January, and for that one I currently have 3 spots left.

Discover more (including words of previous attendees):

Any questions or doubts if this is the right workshop and process for you?

Don't be shy to connect and ask ;)

yesss, thank you @iynna for sharing - in the end it's all about walking to talk as well :D