Founder Fundraising Happy Hour Tonight 5-6pm PT

Hi Ladies!It's holidays and you're still fundraising... NO STRESS... right ;-)....Strategize with other female non-binary founders who are in the same boat or about to start fundraising at the beginning of next year....Join fellow founders raising for pre-seed and seed this evening.NO one understands the challenges and more importantly what is actually working than founders raising right now!Your runways can't afford not to connect this evening with collaborative founders who are helping each other fundraise together at SheTransacts. There have been many posts this month around sharing warm intros, fundraising questions and pre-VC funding options post COVID. You don't have to raise alone. Network, share tips from founders who are actually getting investments in NOW!100% focus on Fundraising together @Tonight's happy hour is 5-6pm PT and FREE to attend.We must come together to help each other succeed. I send good vibes and hope to see some of you there this evening:-)So grateful to you everyone​ for supporting all our shared success and paving the way for female and non-binary founders with us!RSVP HERE: