Looking to connect with those in film/television/gaming

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@JenYi is an expert in this field (and very kind & friendly to boot) - capacity-permitting, would highly recommend connecting!
Hi Rachel! Thanks. Happy to help.
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Thanks:) I just sent her a message!
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@KatieNeipp please meet the amazing @jikajika
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Right @KatieNeipp?!!!I can not BEL-IEVE how hard it is for me to find an animator to talk to!I've been reaching out to ALL my designer and video editing contacts and everyone is like - 🤷🏾‍♀️And when I do find one, he's a Casper - coming in and out of existence. 👻🙄"Yeah, yeah, yeah - I'll look it over and will get back with you when I free up some time". Aaaaaaaaand...ghosted.Well I'm with you, squirrel. I'm in the VERY BEGINNINGS of learning to draw a stick man straight so I can get into animation. I have SO MANY IDEAS I can't wait to pull into existence. Hopefully my first one before the end of this year. I'm on your squad if you wanna connect.
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@jikajika For sure:)