Get More Clients: for Founders

I help B2B founders get more clients.

Here’s an example of one of my client’s results from our work together-

Client: A former teacher with a PhD in education who created a startup to improve employee retention, work satisfaction, and well-being.

Problem: Dr. Jen had just closed out her most successful year ever, and wanted to embed more strategy into her business to ensure its continued growth. Jen's success came from onboarding clients here are there from speaking engagements, but since she didn't have a strategy she was leaving millions of dollars on the table and staying small.

Solution: Within three weeks of our working together, Jen implemented a strategy for revenue-generating activities before her upcoming speaking engagement at SXSW. When she did the fastest-to-money work, she uncovered that she had access to conference participants through the SXSW app prior to the conference. For the first time ever, she did pre-conference prep work. She set up an email and messaging campaign targeted toward the people with who she wanted to talk. She also wrote a script to kindly decline time-wasting "let's collaborate" invitations.

Result: Before the conference had even started Jen had pre-booked meetings with prospective clients that she never dreamed of connecting with before, including the Chief Deputy Superintendent of one of the largest school districts in the United States. For the first time ever, Jen had an organized system that led her to turn her 1-person consultancy into an expanded vision. Now she's building infrastructure so that she can scale to meet demand!

I’m looking for 5 more founders who want to get more clients in Q2. Message me for info or forward to a friend. 😉