I've been seeing a lot of headlines about "Spring Energy" the past few weeks.

Rebirth. Renewal. An invigorating sense of freshness.

For me, tech used to feel this way all year round.

New products. New features. New investment. New people.

But I haven't had that feeling for a while...since long before this wave of layoffs rolled in.

2020 brought in an era of massive growth, for sure.

But it wasn't new.It wasn't fresh.

It felt heavy.It felt burdened.It felt....desperate.

Now, though?

With tech at its current economic reckoning, and the potential impact of AI on everything we do rapidly coming into view...

We're at a precipice. Something has to change.

And there will be massive opportunity for the leaders of tomorrow to swoop in with new ideas, big vision, and bold action.

Tech's about to burst open with a new invigorated energy that we haven't seen in a long, long time.

Are you ready to harness it?