Sharing tips for those transitioning from full-time employment to self-employment as a Coach or Conslutant

“But I don’t have the right kind of connections for my coaching business, LinkedIn is a waste of time for me, I only have past work colleagues”, she said. Like these were the only connections she was ever going to have!  And like that she would never get new ones that were her ideal client, friends of her ideal client or people that just loved her content and were inspired to share it for her to a wider audience. This is one of the most common phrases I hear when talking to new coaches about their visibility on LinkedIn and about their visibility challenges in business.  Can you relate? So can I! I remember when I used to worry “about spamming” my former colleagues with content about my new coaching business. Here’s 3 reasons you don’t have to worry about what your old colleagues will think about your new coaching content:

✅There is so much content out there that unless they really love and engage with your content it’s very likely that they won’t see it

✅They may turn out to be your biggest supporter and cheerleader and share your content with potential clients

✅They may secretly be your ideal client and they are waiting for the right moment to step forwards!  So if you’re a new coach and you’re looking for visibility and tips on starter actions then join my new mailing list just for “new coaches”.  If you’d like to dial up your mindset and your confidence with LinkedIn visibility then DM me with “LinkedIn for New Coaches” and I’ll share 2 free tips to get you started. And finally on the scale of 1-10 how much does LinkedIn feel like hard work for you right now? DM with your score and you’ll get those 2 mindset tips too! (10 being so hard I can’t bear it!)

This is a photo of me looking confused and pained in 2020!

Warm Regards,

Ekua Cant, Head Cheerleader for Career Magic 💛