Read the WHOLE job description

Referrals are the BEST way to get a job.

That's why many companies have Employee Referral Programs, where they reward employees for bringing talent to them. Recruiters charge the company anywhere from 15 - 25% of the first year salary. However, if they offer a $1000 reward to employee, it cuts costs significantly.

Often, in the bottom of a job posting, it will talk about benefits, one being the ERP. So, after you read the whole thing and know that you are a pretty good fit, reach out to employees of the company on LinkedIn. Tell them you saw the ERP bonus and thought you could help each other out.

Don't just wait for a job to be posted!

Find the companies where you would like to work and network with employees now! Once you have connected, ask if their company has a referral program. They can get your resume to HR before a position is even listed.

So, make sure your resume is updated and full of achievements to sell you.

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