DORA (DevOps Research and Assessment) is a research program famed for their ‘State of Devops’ annual report which covers over 7 years of research and data from over 32,000 professionals. Zoopla have taken the 45 pages of information and data and boiled it down to its core, the metrics that matter.

They started their transformation through understanding, baselining and tracking four ‘delivery’ metrics: Deployment frequency, lead time for changes, change failure rate and time to restore services. They were hugely successful.

Part of the key to Zoopla’s success with this initiative was ensuring this data was front and center. Their dashboard is a central information radiator for their senior engineering management team, but is also included in monthly town hall meetings and operations meetings. It is also used actively on the ground by individual developers and teams who are encouraged to retro their metrics to find ways to leverage them and improve.