I built the Chase Sapphire Reserve and was rejected, so I built Sequin to change that. I'm Vrinda Gupta, Founder & CEO of Sequin. AMA!https://www.sequincard.com

✨ BIG NEWS ALERT! ✨ Our Sequin Card is finally LIVE! Sequin is the first debit card that builds women’s credit - and get you THAT credit card. Sign up at www.sequincard.com (no credit check required).As many of you know, Sequin was born out of my personal experience being rejected from the credit card I helped develop at Visa, the Chase Sapphire Reserve. As a young woman, I lacked credit history. Unfortunately, I wasn't alone (young women are 2x as likely to report negative credit experiences like rejections, lower credit lines, and higher interest - even though we're better to lend to).Sequin was designed with, for, and by women. 💪 Our team spent the last year co-creating this product with the incredible Sequin women in our community. We kept on hearing “I have no idea how to build credit” or “I’ve been rejected from a credit card, help!”It’s time women got the credit we deserve.⁠Check it out and please share widely! AMA (really!), I'll respond in the comments below.

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Amazed to see such a visionary product voicing for women. I will be sure to spread the word. Currently Iā€™m in Bank of America building experiences for credit platforms. If you need any help or will be hiring soon, would love to chat more Vrinda.
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Wow! This is incredible, will definitely spread the word