I am happy to present to you the inspiring life story of a successful businesswoman and a great mother of two sons - Nikoletta Ventura. She is a Hungary-based entrepreneur who has developed and refined the FLOW-PROCESS, based on positive psychology, a practice first described by an American-Hungarian professor, Prof. Dr. Mihály Csikszentmihályi. She launched her international PR & PA activities with this methodology, specifically developed for tech companies with high growth potential.

Her talent has been recognized on many levels in the past few years: she led one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns regionally, has been a jury member and served as a mentor on startup competitions, and she also won an Innovation World Cup, a prestigious international award run by wearable industry executives and leadership. She supports other women to successfully pursue their ambitions as an OneUpOneDown mentor and is also a mentee.

You can learn more about OneUpOneDown's women mentorship program here: https://oneuponedown.org/

Such a thoughtful name “Ventura”. What is its story?

It means adventurous, courageous, entrepreneurship, luck, US-Spanish name. In international innovative ecosystems, I was always told that I have such an open mindset that I must be from the US. I love my profession, so my hard-working attitude is driven by my passion for the work. I chose this name for myself.

You have achieved a lot, including managing multiple successful projects and raising two teenage boys. What do you attribute your success to?

I developed an ambitious and resilient mindset in response to an abusive relationship I experienced for several years. I realized that I could not rely on authorities to protect me in life and that it was up to me and my mindset to determine how I respond to all experiences. I chose to develop a positive mindset. I truly believe that overcoming these attacks, combined with extreme agility is one of the most precious skills I have nowadays both from personal and business angles.

What is one personal or professional skill you’re working on at the moment and why?

I am focusing on developing more patience both in my personal and professional life. I am extremely grateful for my OneUpOneDown mentor & mentee helping me improve and keeping a great pulse while staying confident with my small wins.

The whole career story here: https://oneuponedown.org/blog/