Hello Elpha's,I hope you’ve had a great morning! September is here and it’s the best month to go for a new job or a promotion. There are 16 working days left of this month. I say this as a reminder to myself of all the great things I was thinking I’d do in September and now it’s here! I am taking this opportunity to review what I want to focus on in the available days left. I wanted to let you know that I am currently available to provide a helping hand with career transitions.This is a photo of the post I recently shared on LinkedIn, I felt happy and confident after doing a great hike in Wales.Here's the link to that post: you would like to chat about career transitions, career goal setting or going for a promotion or setting up as a freelancer please get in touch.Go for what you want even in uncertain times.To your success! 🙌🙌Warm Regards,Ekua 💛Website: [email protected]
Love this!